neděle 19. dubna 2015

PerfCake has a cool new logo

As we already announced on Twitter, PerfCake has a cool new logo! It is also available in SVG format with its variants.
The previous logo we used to use was fine. We needed something for a beginning project and Pavel created the original one quickly. Btw. did you know that it depicted an inner side of a cake cut from a close lookup? :-)
As PerfCake matured, we knew that we are going to need something that resonates more with us. We have a stable core so it really deserved something nice. We also tweaked our web page a little bit. But more changes are likely to come to make it even more simple.
We are especially excited about the new logo because it enables us to further develop the brand. We created a nice presentation template already. Come to a public event to see it in action! We can now create a boxed version of PerfCake, we can create cool stuff like t-shirts... The possibilities are now unlimited!
Any feedback on the new logo is highly appreciated!

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