pondělí 27. dubna 2015

University release 4.1

We have been invited to teach a lecture on performance testing at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. The choice of the performance testing tool to use during the practical part was clear (PerfCake if it wasn't obvious). We already knew about a couple of things that were broken in 4.0. So for the demo to be as smooth as possible we have decided to create a dedicated University release, numbered 4.1.
It has five bug fixes, three enhancements and we also updated our web pages. All our friends and users are strongly recommended to update to version 4.1 to avoid any possible inconveniences.
Did the lecture went all that smooth in the end? Of course not. What was the deal breaker? The students were supposed to run PerfCake on a commercial operating system by Microsoft. This has not been tested thoroughly by us. We found out that the main script in the binary release works only when executed from the main installation directory. Plus some more minor things that we were able to overcome. Some of them are already fixed in the devel branch but we are unlikely to create another release now. Possibly later in the summer as we are still hoping to be able to show PerfCake in public again.

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