úterý 26. listopadu 2013

PerfCake on LinuxAlt 2013

We are out and we are getting known!

You had the first opportunity to see a public demonstration of the basic features of our young and growing performance testing framework. Martin Večeřa and Jiří Sedláček performed the talk at the open-source software conference LinuxAlt 2013 held on the grounds of Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic on November 2nd, 2013.

Martin Večeřa mentioned our motivation to work in the performance testing area and the issues that can emerge in a process of the performance testing. Issues that PerfCake is trying to solve such as how to measure the performance, how to ensure the reliability of the measured metrics and what to take into account. Martin than briefly introduced the PerfCake architecture and the possibility to extend all the features PerfCake has.

Jiří Sedláček followed with the demonstration of a basic performance measurement done with PerfCake. Jiří showed how to get and install PerfCake and how to define and run a simple scenario to easily test performance of several HTTP endpoints including the reporting abilities.

Soon the record of the talk and the demonstration will be available online. The talk and the demonstration was performed in Czech but the English subtitles/transcript will be available soon as well.

We were excited to see how many people came to learn something about PerfCake. We would like to thank all the attendees especially for asking curious questions. It encouraged us to work even harder to achieve our goals such as to become the best tool on the market. It was all fun for us and we look forward to another opportunities to present PerfCake and to meet you, our growing community.

The upcoming release awaits your contributions!