neděle 29. září 2013

Release One

So here we are. Our first release is out. For us, this was the first grown-up money-less open-source project we pushed so far. You know, sometimes you have a great idea but the lust goes away too soon. I do not know what makes PerfCake so different that it worked out. But I am really glad we made it. We learnt a lot, everybody played every role at least for a while (as there are more roles than available actors). And here we are!

Did we manage to achieve everything we wanted? Definitely not. Release 1.0 is not perfect. But we tried hard and we are almost there. The documentation needs more time to settle down, validation must be re-done, there is a design flaw in reporting the 100% status message for time based message generation... Are these just the details or major issues? This is what the users must tell us now.

At this point, I would like to thank to everybody who helped on the project. Not only developers and contributors, but those who reported or just found bugs, sent pull requests, provided their technical advice, motivated us to go on... Thank you very much!

Now, this is not the end. This is just the beginning and we must refresh our minds and head towards the second release, the Spring Edition!

Let's spend the winter writing some good piece of code. Onwards!