středa 9. dubna 2014

Release 2.0

Some time ago, we celebrated the Spring equinox with the 2nd release of PerfCake. Did we manage to implement everything we wanted? The answer is no again. Does it really matter? Not that much. We mainly focused on fixing some issues that the users were facing. Especially correct reporting of reaching 100% in time controlled runs. We also improved the framework performance so it has minimal influence on the system being measured. So the priorities have changed and we did some things that were not in the plan originally. It is a very nice feeling to see how the product gets matured. Like some good quality whisky...

Since release 1.0, we presented PerfCake to local public and we were surprised by the positive audience feedback. However, there are still questions we are not able to answer at the moment. Or more precisely, we are not able to provide the evidence for our answers. So before the next release, we would like to aim on being the best performance testing framework on the market. Because of that, we plan to publish comparisons with other frameworks and provide migration scenarios.

We learned that nice reporting is important to our users. So we would like to implement a reporter that generates charts.

For links to public talks, see our twitter.