pondělí 23. března 2015

From 4.0 to 4.1

As usually, we celebrated spring equinox with an even numbered release of PerfCake. We managed to release a couple of days earlier. The main reason for that was that we had a planned vacation for the release period.
This release has some really cool features that makes PerfCake even easier for usage. Actually there are 26 of enhancements and new features in this release. Just have a look on the list to see if you could make a use of them.
Except for these cool features there is one thing we are especially proud of in this release. This is its stability. We finally managed to get rid of all the raise conditions appearing now and then and bothering us constantly. I do not want to claim that there aren't any now. But there aren't any we are aware of. And there is a fair chance that nobody will discover a new one (until we change the code ;-)).
Unfortunately, bad things happen and there will be version 4.1 soon. Especially due to a bug that prevents smooth shell script usage randomly.
We also decided to fix several other issues. This is mainly because we want to get ready for a possibility to present PerfCake publicly soon again. All information on that will be shared once we have an official confirmation. Stay tuned!

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