neděle 8. února 2015

DevConf 2015

This year, we were accepted with our talk at DevConf as well. We always try to show something new. So we worked hard to be able to show major cool features.
The first is the ability to automatically generate chart reports using Google Charts. This is provided in the form of a ChartDestination. PerfCake also automatically combines recent results with any previously existing in the output directory which gives you an automatic comparison.
We have demonstrated this with several HTTP Reverse Echo clients, each of which was implemented in a different language. We reused the same scenario to show the user friendliness of PerfCake and the fact that PerfCake does not care about the language the measured application is developed in.

The second major feature was automatic memory leak detection. This works only for Java currently, however, we were able to detect all the leaks.
The way we do presentations is that we try to evolve over time. We try hard to create something new for anybody visiting all of our presentation still have some fun. The thing is that we did not see many people coming back and listening to new things. After this last presentation we are likely to reevaluate our approach and make sure we always presents the basics. If you could provide your opinions on that, we would love to take them into account.

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