čtvrtek 25. června 2015

CzechTest 2015

This time, we would like to share our talk with you in advance. Let us introduce you the planned Friday talk at CzechTest, the presentation and the description of the demo. You won't be able to have the unique experience the demo will bring to live participants. We will be sharing recording later of course. But you know, you won't be able to say "I was there".
You can find the presentation at Google Drive already.
Let me start with a short live questionnaire.
  1. Have you ever considered performance of the software you were developing?
  2. Have you ever used any performance measurement tool?
  3. Which one?
  4. How was your experience with the tool you have used?
  5. Have you considered the performance of the tool itself?
What we have discovered over the time is that most people use jMeter. Which is a fact we do not understand at all. It is not easy to use, it has cumbersome user interface with ugly design, it is not very user friendly. Plus it does not have that great performance at all.
Why didn't you consider PerfCake?
It is the first open-source performance measurement... well, I can even say the first performance measurement tool ever created with all the critical aspects in mind. We take care of user experience, ease of use, the minimal footprint and great performance. It can be used as a load generator, to run stress tests (finding the maximal application throughput), to run soak tests (endurance testing), to validate application responses under stress, to generate nice chart report and many more.
All of this can be done very fast. With the highest performance among such tools. We have measured this.
From our experience, performance testing is very complex area. Developing a single performance measurement tool that fits all is like trying to sew trousers that fits all. Impossible. If you do not want to make them extra large. But this is not fitting, this is clumsy.
Many tiny details need to be incorporated for individual requirements. Instead of trying to make everyone happy we decided to use a different concept. We do not want to develop a user interface that can do all but nothing because nobody understands it.
Instead, we have developed a simple, stable and reliable platform with well documented interfaces that can be easily extended.
In the end of the day, just people with developers' skills run performance tests. So why we don't let them develop what they need. They know better. You know better!

We owe you, our happy users, a complex Developers' guide at the moment. We promise to finish it for release 5.0. Should you need any help, you could use the contact form at our web pages.
Let's have a look at few examples. These should demonstrate in deeds why we believe we are presenting you the best performance measurement tool ever created.
First, we will show you how to easily develop your first performance test in a nice user interface in IntelliJ Idea. So to give you some eye candy.
Next, for more advanced guys, we will show you how to get latest updates on the code before the 5.0 release. And we will show you the ease of use from the command line. The command line is nothing to be afraid of, especially with PerfCake.
Having fallen in love with the command line, we will conclude with developing a slightly more complicated scenario using our cool almost-spoken-like DSL language. We can verify several HTTP echo implementations in your favorite languages. Finally, we will have a look at a more complex scenario with sequences and validators.

The examples can be found at GitHub.